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    "all that I want" Reimagined

    To commemorate the tenth anniversary of my first single, I re-recorded “all that I want,” modifying some lyrics and elements to showcase my new sound that is true to what I always wanted! It is a nod to those that stuck by me, and a welcome to those who are just learning who I am! 


    Nine Years of "All That I Want"

    To celebrate the tenth-year anniversary of "All That I Want" let's take a look back at the singer's first music video. 


    Check out all that I want on playlists from Spotify, like this one!

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    Determination: a concept Sierra Jean excels in. It already isn’t easy transforming from a child star to the broader music world, but Jean had a curveball thrown her way. Discovered on YouTube at 11, she visited LA with Hollywood veterans to record and pitch to major labels. By 14, she was a seasoned pro, with multiple releases and a fan base of over 200,000 followers on social media. Unfortunately, the journey had to pause. In 2016, Jean was diagnosed with POTS, a chronic illness. The following years were challenging, but she never gave up on her passion. She would play guitar for hours, hoping to get back to a better place. By the time she began to attend Belmont University in Nashville TN she was ready to restart recording. For the 10th anniversary of her first single and to re-establish her name, Jean re-recorded “all that I want,” modifying some elements to show her Pop Rock sound that is true to what she has always wanted. Sierra says, “It is as a nod to those who stuck by me, and a welcome to those who are just learning who I am.” Sierra Jean was born in Long Island, NY in 2001. She performed on stage since she could remember, covering classic rock hits. Her passion for music started with Rock, so there is no question why it heavily influenced her. Jean is excited to return to the spotlight after 7 years, healthier and more prepared than ever. With her fresh sound, education, and experience, Sierra Jean is a joy to watch flourish as she resurges her career and beyond.


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